Interview Questions on C - Arrays

1. What is Array?

Array is collections of similar data types of elements.

2. How to declare an array?

Syn :- datatype arrayname [size];
Ex :- int a[10];

3. How to access last position of element in array?

By using position value.
Arrayname[size -1 ];

4. Write a matrix addition programm?

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5. How to declare multi dimentional arrays?

Syn :- datatype  array_name[size1][size2];

6. How to find size of an array?

By using size of operator.
Ex :- sizeof(arr1);

1. Explain about strings?
Def :- String is collection of charrecters.
the last character of the string is null or ‘\0’.
We can represent the string by using character array.
Syn :- char str1[]=”Hello world”;
Here by default the last character would be ‘\0’.

2. How to print string in printf statement?
By using ‘%s’.

char str1[]=”Hello”;
3. How to converta numbet to string?
4. How to Convert a number to string?
5. How to find the length of the String?
Returns the length of string s1.

6. How to copy from one string to another string?

strcpy(s1, s2);
Copies string s2 into string s1.

7. How to combine or concat two strings?

strcat(s1, s2);
Concatenates string s2 onto the end of string s1.

8. Write a C program to reverse the string?

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