Interview Questions on C - Operators

1. What are all arithematic operators?

+ * / - % ++ --

2. What is difference b/w postfix and prefix incremental operators.

Post fix:- increment happens after executing  the expression.
Prefix:- increment happens before executing the expression.

3. K++ is faster than K+1 why?

K++ simply increase the counter variable. Whi ch is only one action
K+1 perform addition and then assign to K. which has two actions. That is why k++ is faster than K+1.

4. What is the operator we use to get the reminder?


5. What are relational operators?

 = =, <=, >=, !=, < , >

6. What are the logical operators?

&&, || and !

7. What is Shorthand operaators.

Instead of writing a=a+3 we can simply write a+=3. This is ‘+=’ called short hand operators.

8. How to know the size of particular variable?

By using sizeof().

9. How to get address of particular variable?

By using &

10. How to access value of pointer?

By using *

11. while evaluating the expression, if both operators have same operator precedence then how to evaluate?

Use associative rule. Whether left to right or right to left.