Interview Questions on JQuery

11. How to get value of input box?

Ex :- var bla = $('#tinput_id1’).val();

12. How to declare and initialize variables?

Var varname = value
Ex:- var var1=5;

13. How to concat two strings in jQuery?

Use +
Ex 1:- var string = “string1”+”string2”;
Ex :- var str1=”string1”;
Var str2 =”string2”;
Var string3=  str1+str2;

14. How to write comments in jQuery?

Method 1 : //commentd goes here
Method 2 :- /* comments goes here */

15. How to convert string to number?

Use parseInt(stringvalue);
Ex:- var var1= parseInt(‘3’);

16. How to convert number to string?

Use toString() method.

17. How to create an array in jQuery?

Just like in javasctipt.
Var arrayname=[value1,value2,calue3];
Ex :- var array1=[3,6,8];

18. What is function?

Def :- Set of statements to perform a particular operation.
Syntax :- 
function function_name(arg1,arg2){
Ex :- 
function myFunction(p1, p2) {
    return p1 * p2;   
    // The function returns the product of p1 and p2

19. Can we access local variable out side the function?

No. they are permitted to that function only.

20. How to create global variables?

Create variables outside function.