Interview Questions on Network - OSI Model

1. Explain any of two reference models?

1. OSI Reference model
2. TCP/IP reference model

2. What are all the layers exist in OSI model?

1. Application Layer
2. Presentation Layer
3. Session Layer
4. Transport Layer
5. Network Layer
6. Data Link Layer
7. Physical Layer

3. Explain the function of Physical Layer?

In Physical Layer data will be sent in terms of bits over a communication channel.

4. Explain the function of Data Link Layer?

The main task of the data link layer is to transform data in terms of frames to the network layer. Error Detection and Correction happens at this Layer.

5. Explain the function of Network Layer?

In this layer packets are routed from source to destination.

6. Explain the function of Transport Layer?

The basic function of the transport layer is to accept data from above, split it up into smaller units if need be, pass these to the network and ensure that the pieces all arrive correctly at the other end.

7. Session Layer?

The session layer allows users on different machines to establish sessions between them.

8. Presentation Layer?

The presentation layer is concerned with the syntax and semantics of the information transmitted.

9. Application Layer?

The application layer contains a variety of protocols that are needed by users. One widely-used application protocol is HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol).